10 Skype Alternatives

While Skype is probably the best-known of all the soft VoIP applications available at this time, it is most certainly not the only one. Currently there is a whole host of extremely capable and polished VoIP applications available offering free calls and very cheap calls to landlines and cell phones.

If you are unhappy with Skype’s service or maybe think it’s a bit too expensive, why not have a look through these Skype alternatives. Many of them use the SIP protocol so you will not be inhibited in your choice of VoIP provider.

  1. SightSpeed – Mac and Windows app offering unlimited free PC – PC VoIP calls, unlimited free PC – PC video calls. Reduced rates for PC – landline / cell phone calls. Also features video blogging capabilities.
  2. Google Talk – A soft VoIP application for Windows that offers VoIP and instant messaging. Mac users can talk with Google Talk users using Jabber-enabled clients such as Adium and iChat. Linux users can use Gaim.
  3. Gizmo Project – SIP based P2P client in the same ilk as Skype with integrated call recording. At the time of writing, Skype currently requires extra software to record calls.
  4. iChat – Mac OS X application that offers PC – PC calls between iChat and AIM users.
  5. VoIP Buster – Windows app offering free PC – PC calls and 120 days of free calls to landlines.
  6. Jajah – Web-based VoIP interface where you enter your phone number and the number of who you want to dial. Jajah calls the caller and the person you are calling. You both answer, the calls begins and you can talk. Does not require any new software or hardware.
  7. Amicima – Publishers of a soft VoIP application called amiciPhone that offers a combination of user presence, file transfers, photo sharing and instant messaging.
  8. ComBOTS – German app that offers free VoIP calls, photo sharing and drag-and-drop file sharing for files up to 200MB.
  9. OpenWengo – Open Source app based on the SIP protocol for free VoIP calls between 2 PCs with SIP-compliant software. You can hook into any other VoIP provider that uses SIP. Also offers SMS, video chat and instant messaging.
  10. Vbuzzer – Soft VoIP Windows app offer free calls between Vbuzzer users and reduced call rates to landlines. Also offers instant messaging.

Perhaps you are using a soft VoIP client other than the ones included in this list? If so please point out what you are using and why in the comments.


  1. Collanos just launched the beta version of a GPL skype alternative based on OpenWengo. Collanos Phone 1.0 Beta. Give it a try, it will be enhanced with premium VoIP functions similar to Skype and fully integrated into Collanos teamwork solution Collanos Workplace.

  2. VonageTalk is cool too. It is built on Open Wengo. Provides IM and Voip calling. If you have Vonage you can use you Vonage account with the software to make calls to anyone regardless of their carrier.

  3. Thanks for putting together the list. I’ve got another one to add. Jaxtr also offers calling through the web. It links users phones to the web so after initial set up no computer connection is required. No downloads either, just use your ordinary mobile or landline phone. Check it out and let me know if you have questions about it.


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