A Overview of the Best VoIP Hardware for Small Businesses

VoIP is becoming an essential tool for small businesses looking to implement a cost effective and flexible telecommunications network. But when you are thinking about adopting it, there can be an off-putting number of options available when it comes to hardware.

Here are just some of the biggest names in the VoIP hardware market at the moment and the key products they offer to help smaller firms take their first steps towards replacing legacy telecoms equipment.
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4 Myths About VoIP & How They’re Holding You Back

Some business owners are hesitant to upgrade their technology because they’re in the “don’t fix what isn’t broken” camp. Others don’t take it upon themselves to set aside the time. The main reason that people don’t upgrade, though, is because they’re misinformed.

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10 Top Windows Web Conferencing Solutions

Small businesses can benefit greatly from having some kind of web conferencing software. This software will allow employees to have meetings and run training sessions with anyone who is in a different physical location. Web conferencing software is one of the most popular communication tools used by businesses around the world. 1. MegaMeeting.com MegaMeeting.com offers […]

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7 Best Linux Online Backup Tools

It doesn’t matter what computer operating system you use, there’s nothing worse than trying to turn onto your computer to discover everything on it of value has disappeared, and that’s when you start kicking yourself for not backing everything up. Whether you use your computer for your small business projects, or strictly for personal use […]

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10 Best Small Business Web Conferencing Tools

When you have a small business, web conferencing software is an essential tool that allows you to have meetings and training sessions with members of your team or clients who are located across the country or even on another continent. In the digital age, it’s not necessary to work only with employees or contractors who […]

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