Shiro SK9151 Skype DECT Phone

More and more companies are getting into Skype phones, it feels like there’s a new one nearly every week. The latest is the Shiro SK9151 Skype DECT Phone, which uses DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless technology) instead of WiFi. However, because it does run on DECT you’ll not experience interference on your Bluetooth or WiFi networks as they run on a different wavelength.

Like the Netgear SPH101, Linksys WIP320 and Philips VOIP841 the Shiro SK9151 does not need to be directly connected to your PC in order to make and receive calls. However, the phone does come with a base station that connects to your computer via USB that doubles up as a phone charger. It can store up to 100 numbers and has a hands free mode. You can roam up to 50 meters from the base station indoors. If there are no large steel-reinforced concrete walls, you can wander freely up to 300 meters outdoors.

The Shiro SK9151 isn’t a bad phone, as long as you don’t mind having the base station (which doesn’t look out of place) plugged into your computer. Personally I’d hold out for a fully wireless Skype phone.

Shiro SK9151 Skype DECT Phone


  1. […] Ah, parece que fue ayer cuando hablé del último teléfono DECT compatible con Skype. Y efectivamente, fue ayer. El Shiro SK9151 también utiliza ese método de conexión inalámbrica y al parecer, como el Philips VOIP841, no necesita de un PC para conectarse a Skype, con su pantalla en color, sus 50 metros de radio de alcance dentro de casa y hasta 300 metros en espacios abiertos y su diseño más o menos aceptable. Todo perfecto hasta que te dicen que, de forma totalmente absurda, la base de carga funciona con un cable USB y tiene que estar al lado del PC. Para este viaje, la verdad es que no necesitábamos tantas alforjas.Shiro SK9151 Skype DECT Phone [VoIP-Sol] vía: blog skype […]

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