7 Best Linux Online Backup Tools

It doesn’t matter what computer operating system you use, there’s nothing worse than trying to turn onto your computer to discover everything on it of value has disappeared, and that’s when you start kicking yourself for not backing everything up. Whether you use your computer for your small business projects, or strictly for personal use – no one wants to lose their important documents, media or family photos. Those with Linux Operating Systems may struggle to find software that’s compatible at times, but they don’t need to take a loss if something happens to their computer. There are Linux-friendly online backup tools!

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is an online backup tool that is compatible with all operating systems and with its online storage it makes sure that should something terrible happen while running a computer with the Linux OS, nothing will be lost forever. It does also provide more than just run of the mill online backup, there is also the ability to transfer and share files to users on other devices.

2. Spider Oak

Spider Oak primarily specializes in providing backup solutions to all OS users for a great, affordable price. The first 2 GBs of online storage is completely free and the program automatically detects newly created files on any computer, as well as updates that have been made to existing files so nothing modified is missed by the backup. The online backup tool for Linux and all other operating systems allows an unlimited number of devices to be included under the same backup, and package pricing is based on storage. While the first bit is free, for each 100 GBs after has its own price.

3. Data Storage Unit

It isn’t one of the better-known online backup tools, but it does accommodate Linux users and it’s a great find with affordable prices. It’s a straight-forward online backup system which offers a free trial to users, has no limitations upon bandwidth or file type. Prices are set based on storage space with the smallest package started at 100 GBs for one of the lowest prices we’ve come across for a tool of this type!

4. Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk accommodates Linux users with a basic backup tool that has packages for personal users or businesses. Prices are set according to needs, the needed storage, and the number of devices that will be accessing the tool to backup data. There are no additional bells and whistles, but backup is automatic and can detect changes to files, and the best part is that the personal and business packages come at extremely cheap monthly rates.

5. CrashPlan

CrashPlan is a popular backup tool that many Linux users are likely to have already heard of and it’s more flexible than some of the other alternatives. Online backup is its main focus, and there are reasonably priced packages for small businesses and individuals. The difference between the plans being that an individual account provides backup just for one device, and the small business package can backup multiple devices to one storage space. What makes this backup system different is that it allows users to backup online as well as to internal and external hard drives.

6. EVBackup

There are no bells and whistles with this online backup system, but it is Linux compatible and has no bandwidth limitations. Users choose their pricing plans based on their storage requirements; the only downside being that the packages are a bit more expensive than the other options. With a lot less storage space, the packages cost a lot more than some of the other remote storage options for Linux outlined above. They do, however, offer a money back guarantee within the first 30 days.

7. iBackup

With iBackup for Linux users there are able to automatically backup their files, transfer data, and as an added incentive, there are also snapshots taken for historical data. It’s straight-forward, it’s simple and there are monthly or annual rates based on storage requirements. They do offer a free trial, but their storage packages are pricey.

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