10 Top Windows Web Conferencing Solutions

Small businesses can benefit greatly from having some kind of web conferencing software. This software will allow employees to have meetings and run training sessions with anyone who is in a different physical location. Web conferencing software is one of the most popular communication tools used by businesses around the world.

1. MegaMeeting.com

MegaMeeting.com offers business owners the ability to have a powerful piece of software at an affordable price. The software is complete with video and audio services. Online meetings and conferences can easily be conducted, allowing all team members to be present even if they are in a different part of the world.

2. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting allows all team members to attend important company meetings without having to physically be present. This software is complete with interactive demos and the ability to save audio files. This is a great was to collaborate with colleagues from afar. GoToMeeting only costs a small fee and allows for unlimited meetings for a flat rate.

3. Vyew

Yvew is one of the newer platforms available for web conferencing. The software allows users to give presentations, host webinars and create content. It also is a great tool to use when conduction team meetings. The software also allows users to upload information to be used during training sessions.

4. Instant Presenter

Instant Presenter is the answer to all business communication needs. This software offers everything ranging from web conferencing to training sessions. The software is also compatible with PayPal so that you have the option to charge for webinars. High quality video is one of the great points with this software. There are also many tools that can be used to interact, such as instant messaging and an interactive whiteboard.

5. Glance

Glance is one of the best tools when hosting web demos. It is one of the cheapest software packages available and offers fast and dependable service. The software allows guests to see your computer screen when using their own browser. This is a great tool for presentations, meetings and training seminars.

6. ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk is one of the preferred software packages for larger companies. This software allows companies to plan and host large web events. The software also includes web conferencing, audio, scheduling and project planning. ReadyTalk is one of the most popular pieces of software for companies who have the need to promote and execute successful web events.

8. Webex

Webex is one of the leading software packages for online meetings. Online meetings are much more efficient and effective. All team members and colleagues can be present and can interact during an online meeting. Webex is a low cost solution for small companies that need to hold multiple online meeting sessions.

9. Yuuguu

Yuuguu offers web conferencing and online meetings. This great software allows you to interact with fellow employees and customers with the push of a button. Easy to use and very affordable, this is becoming one of the top choices for a web conferencing software package.

10. Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft continues on their successful path of products by offering Live Meeting. This program allows companies to conduct online meetings with employees and customers anywhere in the world. The meeting space is hosted internally and is easily installed on any computer. Web conferencing and online meetings are the best way to maintain communication with all parties involved.

2. DimDim

DimDim replaces the need for face to face meetings, allowing employees, directors and team members the ability to use web conferencing. The software is very easy to use. By simply pushing a button, employees are connected and can attend meetings, training sessions and presentations. This is one of the most affordable web conferencing tools available.

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